Here is an interview with Dana Jalobeanu in the radio show „Izvoare de filosofie”

IZVOARE DE FILOSOFIE : Ediția din 14 mai 2021: De la magie la experiment științific. Incursiuni în istoria științei secolului al XVII-lea

Here are some recipe-related editions of the Philosophical Cafe- Cafeneaua filosofică

Amazon.com: The Experimental Fire: Inventing English Alchemy, 1300-1700  (Synthesis) eBook : Rampling, Jennifer M.: Kindle Store

Alchemy, experiment and English History. Dana Jalobeanu and Georgiana Hedesan in dialogue with Jennifer Rampling on her new book Experimental fire.

Experimental history: recipes, enactment, experiments. A panel discussion organized by Dana Jalobeanu and Georgiana Hedesan. On experimental history, a growing field of research that focusses on recreating past experiments, recipes and objects. What do we learn from past experiments? What do we gain if historians enter into the laboratory? With William Newman, Sven Dupre, Jennifer Rampling,

What is history of knowledge? Dana Jalobeanu and Georgiana Hedesan in dialogue with Sven Dupre.