Recipes Transformed: seventeenth-century perspectives

This is the first international colloquium of our project, Recipes, technologies, experiments: Enactment and the emergence of modern science. Organized by Dana Jalobeanu, Oana Matei and Alexandru Liciu.

IRH-ICUB, Bucharest, 18-19, 26 November 2021


Conference Programme

This is the first colloquium of the research project Recipes, ‘technologies’, experiments: Enactment and the emergence of modern science. It aims to bring together historians of science and philosophy with philosophers of early modern science. The discussions will focus on the transformation of the recipe format from the late sixteenth century to the mid seventeenth century, encompassing fields as diverse as medicine, husbandry, pneumatics, mechanics, alchemy and practical mathematics. The colloquium will be organized by the Institute for Research of the University of Bucharest, the Humanities Division and will take place on zoom on 18-19 November.

Speakers: Ariana Borrelli , Stephen Clucas, Mihnea Dobre, Florike Egmond, Laura Georgescu, Benny Goldberg, Georgiana Hedesan, Dana Jalobeanu, Alexandru Liciu, Oana Matei, Doina-Cristina Rusu.

A provisional programme is available here. For registration please write to

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